The Kamakura Guesthouse is a warm, wooden house built by temple carpenters.
Here you will find Japanese futon, tatami floors and a rare, functional "irori" (traditional Japanese hearth) There is also a cozy bar down a hidden staircase.
Please drop by on your travels and enjoy taking a step back into the good old days of Japan.

TripAdvisor and Booking.com awards a Certificate of Excellence!


We have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and Booking.com!
The 30 Best Hotels in Kanagawa】 was selected as the #10 from Booking.com.(2016sept)

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From Tokyo, Kamakura is about 1 hour south by train or car.
There is easy access from Oofuna station (JR Shōnan-Shinjuku Line) change trains for Kamakura station (Yokosuka line). There is also access from JR Fujisawa station, Enoshima station and a direct train from Narita airport to Oofuna st.
You can then take a bus or monorail to Kamakura guesthouse.
Just ask information which bus you should take to Kamakura Guesthouse – 273-3 Tokiwa, Kamakura City, Kanagawa, Japan. You can also phone us on 0467-67-6078.

At Kamakura Station catch the bus to Fujisawa from bus stand No.1.
ask the driver to let you off at KAWAGUCHI then walk across the road,through the "Drugs and cosmetics"car park to the Guesthouse.

■ around
There are many restaurants, bars, international ATM’s, a 24hr supermarket and many other shops near the guesthouse. It is in a very convenient location.

■ By bus from kamakura guesthouse
- 15 minutes to Kamakura st.
- 15 minutes to Oofuna st.
- 15 minutes to Fujisawa st.
■ By bicycle from kamakura guesthouse
- 10 minutes to Great Buddha and Hase area.
- 15 minutes to Beach
- 15 minutes to Kamakura st.
- 20 minutes to Kita-kamakura st.
■ By monorail from kamakura guesthouse
- 15 minutes to Enoshima st.
- 15 minutes to Oofuna st.

We hope to see you soon at the cheapest and best-reviewed guesthouse in Kamakura!

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3,500yen/per night
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