Facility Information



Please Japanese cash only upon check-in.
* Credit cards are not supported.



We can keep your luggage for you both before check-in and after check-out if need be.

staying guests are requested not to stay during the cleaning time 10am-14:00pm.

・No curfew

Bed Room

lights‐out time
Bed room : 22:00
common space:24:00

Dormitory room (Not mix) | 3500yen/night

Japanese tatami style room with futon(japanese bedding).

- Air conditioned and we provides bedding and Fresh Linen.

and The upstairs is female domitory. Toilet,Large mirror, balcony for female.

Common Rooms

Feel like part of the family whether cooking over the traditional ‘irori’ (Japanese sunken cooking hearth) in the living room or sipping on a cocktail in our newly made timber guest bar downstairs

* Trial period ‘Irori’is from October to March.

The common spaces are in addition to 'irori' , Kotatsu(Heated living room table) in the winter, there are also Japanese-style BAR.
Please enjoy the authentic Japanese in the living room.



Fully equipped kitchen.
Japanese-style dishes and cups.
flyingpan、Refrigerator, Microwave, Oven Toaster,pot.
Oil, soy sauce and salt and pepper, sugar.

There are many restaurants, bars, 24hr international ATM’s, a 24hr supermarket and many other shops near the guesthouse. It is in a very convenient location.

Internet / Locker

Free wireless access and WiFi   /rockers.
Shower rooms

24 hours Hot showers.
Shower room is stone floor and tile walls, high ceilings.

Shampoo and rinse, body soap and Hair dryer.
Please bring your bath towels.


Rental bicycle

800yen/one day

We have 10 bicycles.

Mountain bikes and city bikes.

■ By bicycle from kamakura guesthouse-
- 10 minutes to Great Buddha and Hase area.
- 15 minutes to Beach
- 15 minutes to Kamakura st.
- 20 minutes to Kita-kamakura st.

*There are individual differences.
car parking

Car parking is available for 1000 Yen/a night
(Please book in advance)

Motorcycles and bicycles Parking

Motorcycles and bicycles isFree Parking


Laundry and detergent for 100yen
There are gender-segregated spaces dry.

and more...

smoking space

No smoking inside, there is a smoking garden outside and smoking is permitted in the bar downstairs.

All Dormitory
3,500yen/per night
check in
check out

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